Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wedding dress ideas- Part 2

I have ordered a beautiful, easy, retro-looking pattern to make my dress. I will try to make a practice dress with a cheaper fabric, to make sure I don't completely ruin my nicer fabric. I'm thinking of a higher-end cotton, with some turquoise applications. I love the neckline applications on this dress:

I also love the waist sash and the flower, so I think I will be including that. The skirt will be super poofy, like this dress from

If my dress-making abilities fail, my back-up plan is to buy a vintage dress, or maybe just a really fun summer dress. The only downside is that most vintage dresses have a 24'' waist! Where ARE these tiny people?!

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i love svet said...

i can't wait to see how your wedding dress comes out, seeing your vision complete...also, i've seen really gorgeous dresses that use a wrap around sash in a different color that is gorgeous. (look at pink's and shanna moakler wedding dress)