Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, so true!

This is probably one of the funniest wedding-related things I have read so far...

"…when you mention you're getting married, strangers, store clerks, and vendors give your bare ring finger a long look mixed with pity and suspicion".

Yup...they do!

on offbeat bride

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun times!

Everyone in costume:

All dressed up:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Making a mod dress- update

I finished the dress! I should have taken a "before" picture, but this is what I did:
1. Pulled the over sized dress apart. It had horrible long sleeves, it was way to big at the waist, and way too long (it went down under my knees).
2. I kept the top part together. I like how it was constructed.
3. I cut the skirt to make it shorter. Since I wanted to keep the lines at the bottom, I cut the skirt at the top.
4. Took the top in about 1 inch on each side. Hemmed the sleeve holes.
5. Took in the skirt, keeping an A line shape about 3 inches on each side (It was huge!)
6. Connected the top to the bottom. Since I took it in so much, it was a little hard to match all the seams and lines, but it's not too obvious.
I am definitely not the kind of person who "measures twice, cuts once". Maybe I should start doing that.

Anyhow, here is the result:

Living in the Bay Area

There are many things to love from the Bay Area. It's an awesome place to live in, with great people, beautiful views, and endless possibilities.
Yesterday I took myself on a day trip. I started my day at Crissy field, eating lunch and reading a good book next to the Golden Gate.

After that, i explored the "Exploratorium". It was huge, with a lot to see. This is me in a giante Kaleidoscope.

Finally, I went to Sausalito, where I had a cup of coffee next to this view, and then Andrew met me for dinner.

I'm excited for the people visiting for my wedding. I think they will love it!
Fun times!

To favor or not to favor

I love the idea of people taking a little something home from the wedding, but it can get really expensive. I also hate giving people more stuff, especially when I know they already have too much stuff to begin with (cough cough,,,,you know who you are!). Bay area apartments are way too small, and half of the people are flying from out of town...so....you see my conundrum.
My first thought was having a bucket with soapy sponges, so people can wash and take a plate or a wine glass that they like from the wedding. I think this could work out, but I'm sure some people are not interested in having one-of-a-kind table ware. So, my thoughts were on making something edible. I love the heart brownies featured on 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding, or maybe some fun chocolate. My goal is to keep it simple, transportable, budget friendly, and yummy. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to school, Part III

I am officially in school. I go to classes, I read texts, I analyze them, I write stuff, and I eat greasy campus food. This last part really makes me feel like a Grad student... greasy fuel for a 7 hour class. At the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, but as the time goes by I am feeling more confident about it. My classes are interesting, and my classmates diverse (although we are still analyzing "what is diversity, REALLY?)".
Even though it was a crazy week, I'm glad it was over. I'm also glad I have pursued my master's...even though it seems like too much sometimes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How could I NOT post this!

I'm sure you have already seen this, but if not... watch the glorious:

Kittens inspired by kittens!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Making a mod dress

Here is another one of my sewing adventures...more like reconstruction. My wonderful friend Kelly is having a super cool Mod/factory/Andy Warhol party, and we are dressing up. We spent most of our Saturday shopping at the Haight, and came across a really fun vintage store.
I ended up buying two dresses. On of them fits pretty well, but the one I really like was too big, too long, and had long sleeves. I love the pattern on the bottom...very Mondrian-like. Here is a detail of the pattern:

So far I have cut the skirt, cut the sleeves, and pinned it together. It looks pretty frumpy right now, but I assure you it will be fabulous! I'm so excited!

Wedding dress- Part 3

My pattern arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, and it looks a bit more complicated than I thought it would be. I have never lined a garment, and much less made a cummerbund.

Today I bought some cheap fabric to make my practice dress with. I got about 6 yards, in case I mess it up. It has a pretty, retro looking pattern, but I really wasn't too picky. I just chose something from the sale rack that didn't involve seasonal prints!

I also saw my dream crinoline at a vintage store in the Castro. Puffiness supreme! I hope they still have it when I am not so broke, and I actually have a dress to put it under. My goal is to look like a cross between a ballerina, and an upside down cupcake.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We can't escape being stereotypes...

Browsing for cute Valentine ideas, I found these buttons on Etsy. At least they are titled "Buttons for Cool Couples". I guess that makes us cool? They are pretty cute, though!

All we need to do know is get married to completely fit in the stereotype.

Hello Super 8 Wedding films and Guestbooks

I saw this in Offbeat Bride, and I fell in love with it. Maybe it's because I loved watching my family's old movies when I was a little girl. They were so magical!

They also made me cry. If there is anything I would splurge on, it would be this. Check it out:

Hello Super 8 Weddings from Megan Hill on Vimeo.

Hello Guestbook from Megan Hill on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One year in the bay area

Grumbles and I ready to move to San Francisco. Everything I owned was in this car. Grumbles does not look like he is enjoying the ride...

I arrived at San Francisco on Feb. 4, 2008. It's been officially a year! Time flies....

Wedding dress ideas- Part 2

I have ordered a beautiful, easy, retro-looking pattern to make my dress. I will try to make a practice dress with a cheaper fabric, to make sure I don't completely ruin my nicer fabric. I'm thinking of a higher-end cotton, with some turquoise applications. I love the neckline applications on this dress:

I also love the waist sash and the flower, so I think I will be including that. The skirt will be super poofy, like this dress from www.vintageous.com:

If my dress-making abilities fail, my back-up plan is to buy a vintage dress, or maybe just a really fun summer dress. The only downside is that most vintage dresses have a 24'' waist! Where ARE these tiny people?!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

LOVE cards

So much fun!

Flowers vs. twigs

As much as I would like to have flowers at the wedding, it's not so great to cut flowers to have them die in a few days. Plus, it would be hard to have things ready in advance, and I would have to scamper around to buy affordable flowers the day before. Instead, I was thinking of combining flowers in jars, grass grown in pots, and these awesome twig arrangements. The flowers glued on are miniature versions of the pom poms which I will also have hanging from trees.

To see more of this awesome reception and the making process, go to Crytal's Fiesta on the Prarie