Friday, August 29, 2008

What do they do while I'm gone?

I'm working everyday now. This is what the cats do while I'm gone.

Lo que pasa

First week of working full time. I am very excited about the new school year, and everything is coming along nicely. Not only I have been organizing my class, but our new apartment instead. We are now living in the beautiful Oakland hills, and the cats are enjoying the new smells. Our apartment is soo much bigger, and that is a plus. Another plus is that I am 5 minutes away from work, and that works great for me.

This summer was a blur. We went to Mexico, I went to Vegas, and lots of people visited. In a few words:
- Mexican Riviera - as awesome as ever!
- Vegas- met cool people, but hot as hell
- People visiting- I became official bay area guide, lots of sightseeing!

I am very excited about this weekend. Andrew and I will be driving to Mendocino, a town 3 hours north. We are staying in a B&B, and relax a little. We will come back refreshed to tackle the school year.

Here I go!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update, ya'll!

It's been a busy two months, busier than I thought it would be. I have been subbing and six different schools, and have mixed feelings about it. Tracey visited for a week, and Andrew and I have planned an awesome vacation to Playa del Carmen. Things seem to be coming along smoothly.
Today I voted as a San Francisco resident, hoping my vote will help raise teacher's salaries. It's incredible how low they are, especially taking into account the cost of living. I plan on going back to the Public School system at some point, working in inner city schools. Hopefully in a year or two, the school budget will be in better shape. I know we will never make a six figure salary, but at least enough to live a decent life in this city.
On a lighter note, I have discovered the Bernal Heights flea market. I went with the SF girls, and found a super cool vintage lamp. I restored it and placed it in the bedroom. I'm on a home-making kick!
I have also stumbled upon a wonderful, beautiful beach...Baker beach. The cons are that there is a little bit of nudity, mostly of the male kind, and it's usually cold. Sometimes when the weather is awesome, I feel like I'm on vacation. Oh, the joys of lying on the sand with a good book....niiiiice.
Summer is coming up (although you wouldn't know it, in this cold!) and I will be working on a Spanish summer camp. After that, it's Mexico, baby!!! I'm super excited.

More updates coming up soon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Maxin' relaxin'- Cat's motto

Ohhhhh, the life of a cat!

7:00 am : Wake up with owner and complain because:

a) Not enough food in bowl
b) Bathroom door closed, which is completely is unacceptable

7:10 am: Lie in bed with other owner and sleep

9:30 am: Wake up with owner #2 and demand petting. Proceed to complain about door to bathroom being closed.

10:00 am: Stare longly and owner's bowl of cereal. Creep up closer and closer, very slowly.

10:15 am: Owner taking a shower....lick the milk off the away when owner notices....

10:25 am: Lie on the small strip of sun. Sleep.

3:00 pm: Move to:

a) The couch
b) Owner #2's pillow
c) the closet

Proceed with napping

7:00 pm- Run away from strange noises from elevator and strange looking 2 wheel object. Hide.

7:10 pm- Greet owner, once the threat has been removed.

7;20 pm - complain and demand petting.

11:00 pm -Sleep with owners in bed

11:30 pm - Eat

12:00 am- play with other cat in a very noisy way, so as to disturb owner #1 and #2

3:00 am- Complain about something loudly

5:00 am- Eat

6:00 am- play loudly

note: Use litter box and constant intervals.

Living in SF

It's been a while since I last updated this blog, and I guess a lot of things have happened since. I have been to a gazillion interviews, events, and "visits" at different schools, of which I am still waiting for response (of the good kind). I took a part time job, which i had to quit for personal reasons, but I learned a lot about myself and met really cool people as well. The weather has been great, and Andrew and I have become an "outdoorsy" couple, going to the park and markets. In general, it is starting to actually feel like home (but on a summer break).

The cats are adapting well, Grumbles is getting fat, and Whaler thin (stress?). I flew back to Dallas for Kristi and David's wedding, and that was a bittersweet moment. It was great to see everyone, and I had lots of fun (moments with Jessica I will never forget!), but at the same time, it reminded me of when life was so much simpler. Dallas was a good place to me, the most rewarding and stable part of my life I spent there. A good job, awesome friends, economically stable, and I met wonderful Andrew there. Never the less, I was glad to be back in San Francisco.

Naty is here visiting, and we have done many things. She has been upset because it's "cold", but then again, she also felt it was cold in Barranquilla. It's been a great visit, minus the radiator incident, where she became scared of the noises the radiator made at 2 AM, and came shouting into our rooms that it was going to explode!! She will resume her voyage to New Zealand tomorrow, and that seems exciting. It's a 23 hour flight, I DO NOT envy that!

Exciting things are happening...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My way of procrastinating...making cat berets

This first week in San Francisco has been fun and busy at the same time. I've had 3 job interviews, and two more to follow up. They seem to be really good schools, and I am excited about these openings, although the process seems to take a while. It also involves lots of work and preparation, which has kept me busy most of the day.

As much as I should be preparing for the follow up dates, I find many different ways to procrastinate. I occupy myself with cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, crochet classes, lying on the beach, scanning and posting old photographs, going to belly-dancing concerts (thanks Kelly), and whatever I can imagine.

This city has so many cool things to do, I can always find something better than answering essay questions for job applications. As much fun as that can be, I rather sit in the beach and watch 9 dogs play.

Obviously, I have found this blog a way of procrastination as well. I should probably go do something: fill out previous employer information on applications, answer why underprivileged kids don't do to well on math, make the bed...I need to get it all done before my knitting group meeting!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cat update- BUSTED!

Grumbles (my cat) and Whaler (Andrew's cat) have become good friends! Andrew and I walked in on them while they were lounging on the couch, and (I suspect), watching TV. We have seen them playing together, which is something I never thought it would happen so soon, since Whaler constantly hissed and tried to scratch poor little Grumbles.

Grumbles also loves watching the birds out the window. I leave the window open, maybe he'll catch one someday and bring to us as a present! (yuck) He seems to be adapting well to his new routine of pouncing on Whaler, then pouncing on the window, then pouncing on my leg, and sleeping for 10 hours.

As the cat lover I am, this seems interesting to me. I will not feel insulted if it is not to some of you. (je je je)


I am the only natandra again!

I managed to remember my other passwords at the attempts at keeping a blog, so I deleted the other random ones I had. In a day or two I will be again. I will resend the link when I write a new post.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm in the Interwebs!

Check out my online portfolio, thanks to wonderful Andrew!

We have arrived!

We finally arrived in San Francisco Sunday night. It was a very, very, very long ride, but I'm so glad I did it. I must say, the US is a beautiful place! I went through deserts, mountains, beautiful rock formations, rolling hills, and some interesting cities. Grumbles was amazingly good on the trip. He didn't cry or come out of his box, only to go to the litter box (my car got kinda smelly sometimes). He is such a traveler!

Leaving DFW was a weird experience. It didn’t really feel like I was moving, it felt more like a short trip to the Lake house. At the same time, I felt a little nostalgia about leaving a place where I experienced so many changes in my life. As I drove westward, that nostalgia faded, and excitement began. If you have never been on a trip with me, let me tell you; I talk a lot (this time to my Grumbles), sing all songs with made up lyrics (I can never remember them!) and try to drive really fast without getting caught.

Drive across west USA is a liberating and beautiful experience. The first phase of my trip was a two hour drive to the lakehouse, west of Fort worth. I spent the night there at Mary’s house, getting to know her new kitten, McFluffy. After a relaxing evening, I drove the next day to Las Cruces, NM. Driving through west Texas is very interesting. It is mostly desertic, and very warm. Closer to El Paso, the landscape changed. It was full of very interesting rock formations.

I arrived in Las Cruces to my friend Tracey at her dorm. I really enjoyed spending time with her, and the town seemed pretty nice. Food is cheap! We had some awesome sushi and "jammed" in her dorm room. I met a lot of college kids, and I am glad I'm out of college. Life seems more complicated than it is to these kids! (says the 26 year old...)

the rest of the trip was great! i stayed in a Motel 6 near the Grand Canyon. It was a lot better that what I expected, although I did take my own pillow (thanks Tracey!). The grand Canyon was stunning, incredible, amazing. Pictures do not do it justice. It was fun being in the snow as well, especially knowing I would not be in it long.

The last part of my trip took me to Vegas to meet with Andrew. I have to say I was not impressed. Although it is very showy and colorful, I really think it's the tackiest city ever. I had fun at the shows, and gambled a little (almost doubled my money!), but I prefer another type of city. I had a lot of fun with Andrew, though.

Finally, we drove back to San Fran. It was a beautiful ride, lots of green rolling hills and orange tree fields. The most beautiful are is around Tehachapi. It looks like Switzerland, with snow capped mountains in the background, and beautiful hills. I would love to go back!

I still don't feel at home in San Francisco, and I'm sure it'll take some time. I am very happy to be here, though, and I love this city. Today, I ran all my errands walking! I can actually walk places! I still miss everyone in Dallas, and I hope they visit soon!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The big day

As I said good-bye to friends today, I was wondering if I was actually going to stay in touch. Honestly, even though I always have the best intentions, I am terrible at it. Every friend that has moved away complains about me not keeping in touch.
This is why I have decided to enter the cyber-keeping-in-touch world. I have never had a blog, my life just does not seem that interesting (although there is a natandra out there...maybe an early attempt to start a blog? I can't remember), but with the moving around and the people moving around, I thought it might be a fun idea.
Something really exciting is coming up: my first real road trip. I will be traveling to San Francisco from Dallas, TX. It is a long drive, and with the price of gas the way it is, I decided to make the best of it. Not only the ride itself is challenging enough, but I will also be taking my weird, crazy cat, Grumbles.

I hope to see a lot on my trip. I will be making stops, and driving through lots of desert. I'm excited about the grand Canyon, and sightseeing along the way. I not as excited about the less-one-star motels I will be staying in, but I'm young, I can manage (I hope?).
More information about my "adventures" coming along!