Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update, ya'll!

It's been a busy two months, busier than I thought it would be. I have been subbing and six different schools, and have mixed feelings about it. Tracey visited for a week, and Andrew and I have planned an awesome vacation to Playa del Carmen. Things seem to be coming along smoothly.
Today I voted as a San Francisco resident, hoping my vote will help raise teacher's salaries. It's incredible how low they are, especially taking into account the cost of living. I plan on going back to the Public School system at some point, working in inner city schools. Hopefully in a year or two, the school budget will be in better shape. I know we will never make a six figure salary, but at least enough to live a decent life in this city.
On a lighter note, I have discovered the Bernal Heights flea market. I went with the SF girls, and found a super cool vintage lamp. I restored it and placed it in the bedroom. I'm on a home-making kick!
I have also stumbled upon a wonderful, beautiful beach...Baker beach. The cons are that there is a little bit of nudity, mostly of the male kind, and it's usually cold. Sometimes when the weather is awesome, I feel like I'm on vacation. Oh, the joys of lying on the sand with a good book....niiiiice.
Summer is coming up (although you wouldn't know it, in this cold!) and I will be working on a Spanish summer camp. After that, it's Mexico, baby!!! I'm super excited.

More updates coming up soon!

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