Monday, March 17, 2008

Maxin' relaxin'- Cat's motto

Ohhhhh, the life of a cat!

7:00 am : Wake up with owner and complain because:

a) Not enough food in bowl
b) Bathroom door closed, which is completely is unacceptable

7:10 am: Lie in bed with other owner and sleep

9:30 am: Wake up with owner #2 and demand petting. Proceed to complain about door to bathroom being closed.

10:00 am: Stare longly and owner's bowl of cereal. Creep up closer and closer, very slowly.

10:15 am: Owner taking a shower....lick the milk off the away when owner notices....

10:25 am: Lie on the small strip of sun. Sleep.

3:00 pm: Move to:

a) The couch
b) Owner #2's pillow
c) the closet

Proceed with napping

7:00 pm- Run away from strange noises from elevator and strange looking 2 wheel object. Hide.

7:10 pm- Greet owner, once the threat has been removed.

7;20 pm - complain and demand petting.

11:00 pm -Sleep with owners in bed

11:30 pm - Eat

12:00 am- play with other cat in a very noisy way, so as to disturb owner #1 and #2

3:00 am- Complain about something loudly

5:00 am- Eat

6:00 am- play loudly

note: Use litter box and constant intervals.

Living in SF

It's been a while since I last updated this blog, and I guess a lot of things have happened since. I have been to a gazillion interviews, events, and "visits" at different schools, of which I am still waiting for response (of the good kind). I took a part time job, which i had to quit for personal reasons, but I learned a lot about myself and met really cool people as well. The weather has been great, and Andrew and I have become an "outdoorsy" couple, going to the park and markets. In general, it is starting to actually feel like home (but on a summer break).

The cats are adapting well, Grumbles is getting fat, and Whaler thin (stress?). I flew back to Dallas for Kristi and David's wedding, and that was a bittersweet moment. It was great to see everyone, and I had lots of fun (moments with Jessica I will never forget!), but at the same time, it reminded me of when life was so much simpler. Dallas was a good place to me, the most rewarding and stable part of my life I spent there. A good job, awesome friends, economically stable, and I met wonderful Andrew there. Never the less, I was glad to be back in San Francisco.

Naty is here visiting, and we have done many things. She has been upset because it's "cold", but then again, she also felt it was cold in Barranquilla. It's been a great visit, minus the radiator incident, where she became scared of the noises the radiator made at 2 AM, and came shouting into our rooms that it was going to explode!! She will resume her voyage to New Zealand tomorrow, and that seems exciting. It's a 23 hour flight, I DO NOT envy that!

Exciting things are happening...