Monday, March 17, 2008

Maxin' relaxin'- Cat's motto

Ohhhhh, the life of a cat!

7:00 am : Wake up with owner and complain because:

a) Not enough food in bowl
b) Bathroom door closed, which is completely is unacceptable

7:10 am: Lie in bed with other owner and sleep

9:30 am: Wake up with owner #2 and demand petting. Proceed to complain about door to bathroom being closed.

10:00 am: Stare longly and owner's bowl of cereal. Creep up closer and closer, very slowly.

10:15 am: Owner taking a shower....lick the milk off the away when owner notices....

10:25 am: Lie on the small strip of sun. Sleep.

3:00 pm: Move to:

a) The couch
b) Owner #2's pillow
c) the closet

Proceed with napping

7:00 pm- Run away from strange noises from elevator and strange looking 2 wheel object. Hide.

7:10 pm- Greet owner, once the threat has been removed.

7;20 pm - complain and demand petting.

11:00 pm -Sleep with owners in bed

11:30 pm - Eat

12:00 am- play with other cat in a very noisy way, so as to disturb owner #1 and #2

3:00 am- Complain about something loudly

5:00 am- Eat

6:00 am- play loudly

note: Use litter box and constant intervals.

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