Saturday, April 25, 2009

SF living

I LOVE the Picasa collage button.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bart in Mexico city

At the "auditorio" station

Plastic bag pushers

Visiting Mexico ha been a lot of fun. The food is incredible, the people are warm and welcoming, and it has the chaos I remember from growing up. After all, it's Mexico!
There is one thing that annoys me (other than the ridiculous traffic). I went to the neighborhood Superama (which is owned by Walmart, I found out later), and the girl at the counter could not, would NOT take my word that I didn't need a bag.
I did forget to take my trusty "Chico-bag", but I still had my huge purse. This was the conversation:
Me: I don't need a bag, thank you
Her: You don't?
Me: No, thanks
Her: But you need one for that..
Me: No thanks, I got it
Her: Definitely for that too (pointing at a paper bag full of bread)
Me: No thanks, I can carry it.
I run out of the store before I'm broken into taking a bag

One of the reasons I enjoy living in the Bay Area. When you tell them that you don't need a bag, they take your word for it.

More info about nasty bags, go to here

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Colombian food

I went to the Mission last Sunday to meet some friends for dinner. While we waited for a table, I spotted a little Latin mart, and ....lo and behold! They had Masa Pan! This is a corn flour used to make arepas. Tonight, I made a delicious Colombian meal. (Or Venezuelan too.)

Masa PAN

Grilled Arepas de Queso- I couldn't find Queso Salado, so I used Feta...
it's just as salty

Fried Plantains

Tomato and Onion Sauce

Complete meal

wedding sites are the new black

Everybody has one. Some are pretty elaborate, and actually sort of cool. Andrew spent a few hours making ours. It's pretty simple and to the point, making it easier to navigate for our family and friends.We decided to stick to the following tabs:
- Map of the location
- Date and time
- RSVP box
- Registry
- Link to the blog
We still need to add information about hotels and hostels nearby, but it's basically finished.
I think it's super cool....

Check it out!