Friday, August 29, 2008

Lo que pasa

First week of working full time. I am very excited about the new school year, and everything is coming along nicely. Not only I have been organizing my class, but our new apartment instead. We are now living in the beautiful Oakland hills, and the cats are enjoying the new smells. Our apartment is soo much bigger, and that is a plus. Another plus is that I am 5 minutes away from work, and that works great for me.

This summer was a blur. We went to Mexico, I went to Vegas, and lots of people visited. In a few words:
- Mexican Riviera - as awesome as ever!
- Vegas- met cool people, but hot as hell
- People visiting- I became official bay area guide, lots of sightseeing!

I am very excited about this weekend. Andrew and I will be driving to Mendocino, a town 3 hours north. We are staying in a B&B, and relax a little. We will come back refreshed to tackle the school year.

Here I go!

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