Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My way of procrastinating...making cat berets

This first week in San Francisco has been fun and busy at the same time. I've had 3 job interviews, and two more to follow up. They seem to be really good schools, and I am excited about these openings, although the process seems to take a while. It also involves lots of work and preparation, which has kept me busy most of the day.

As much as I should be preparing for the follow up dates, I find many different ways to procrastinate. I occupy myself with cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, crochet classes, lying on the beach, scanning and posting old photographs, going to belly-dancing concerts (thanks Kelly), and whatever I can imagine.

This city has so many cool things to do, I can always find something better than answering essay questions for job applications. As much fun as that can be, I rather sit in the beach and watch 9 dogs play.

Obviously, I have found this blog a way of procrastination as well. I should probably go do something: fill out previous employer information on applications, answer why underprivileged kids don't do to well on math, make the bed...I need to get it all done before my knitting group meeting!


Kelly Mc said...

that photo is hilarious!!!

mary said...

Cat berets????? That is the funniest thing. Maybe you can make one for McFluffy!

Sounds like you have been there for months and months instead of days. I am glad all is well!