Monday, February 11, 2008

Cat update- BUSTED!

Grumbles (my cat) and Whaler (Andrew's cat) have become good friends! Andrew and I walked in on them while they were lounging on the couch, and (I suspect), watching TV. We have seen them playing together, which is something I never thought it would happen so soon, since Whaler constantly hissed and tried to scratch poor little Grumbles.

Grumbles also loves watching the birds out the window. I leave the window open, maybe he'll catch one someday and bring to us as a present! (yuck) He seems to be adapting well to his new routine of pouncing on Whaler, then pouncing on the window, then pouncing on my leg, and sleeping for 10 hours.

As the cat lover I am, this seems interesting to me. I will not feel insulted if it is not to some of you. (je je je)


1 comment:

Kelly Mc said...

i love how you said "walked in on.." ha hah ahahahah