Monday, February 9, 2009

Making a mod dress

Here is another one of my sewing adventures...more like reconstruction. My wonderful friend Kelly is having a super cool Mod/factory/Andy Warhol party, and we are dressing up. We spent most of our Saturday shopping at the Haight, and came across a really fun vintage store.
I ended up buying two dresses. On of them fits pretty well, but the one I really like was too big, too long, and had long sleeves. I love the pattern on the bottom...very Mondrian-like. Here is a detail of the pattern:

So far I have cut the skirt, cut the sleeves, and pinned it together. It looks pretty frumpy right now, but I assure you it will be fabulous! I'm so excited!


Mary said...

I love your blog update! I was a professional seamstress in one of my past lives, so I would be able to come out and help you with your dress if you want me to! You will be a beautiful bride.

I loved the buttons you found on Etsy. Perfect!


natandra said...

Thanks! I'm sure I will need some professional help for my dress!

Kelly Mc said...

you are gonna look groovy baby!