Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flowers vs. twigs

As much as I would like to have flowers at the wedding, it's not so great to cut flowers to have them die in a few days. Plus, it would be hard to have things ready in advance, and I would have to scamper around to buy affordable flowers the day before. Instead, I was thinking of combining flowers in jars, grass grown in pots, and these awesome twig arrangements. The flowers glued on are miniature versions of the pom poms which I will also have hanging from trees.

To see more of this awesome reception and the making process, go to Crytal's Fiesta on the Prarie


i love svet said...

i love this idea...dude, your wedding is going to be amazing!!!

Kelly Mc said...

love it! who doesnt LOVE pom poms! i wish my name was pom pom.