Friday, February 20, 2009

To favor or not to favor

I love the idea of people taking a little something home from the wedding, but it can get really expensive. I also hate giving people more stuff, especially when I know they already have too much stuff to begin with (cough cough,,,,you know who you are!). Bay area apartments are way too small, and half of the people are flying from out of see my conundrum.
My first thought was having a bucket with soapy sponges, so people can wash and take a plate or a wine glass that they like from the wedding. I think this could work out, but I'm sure some people are not interested in having one-of-a-kind table ware. So, my thoughts were on making something edible. I love the heart brownies featured on 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding, or maybe some fun chocolate. My goal is to keep it simple, transportable, budget friendly, and yummy. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Kelly Mc said...

i love the brownies or edible treat idea! I will make buttons for you as well! You know you want them! Ok, well let me know if you don't ha ha!