Monday, January 26, 2009

Yet another tradition I'm unsure of...rings?

I usually run away from traditional wedding rituals, not because they are traditional, but because I don't totally believe in them. Some things we are cutting out of our wedding are:
- wedding party (everyone is the party!)
- performing the ceremony at the church
- having a traditional religious ceremony
- rehearsals (dinner and ceremony)
- first dance

The one tradition I'm still debating is the exchange rings. A lot of people plant trees, make quilts, or even get tattoos. None of those fit well with our lifestyle, so I'm leaning on a ring to symbolize the celebration of our love. Here are a few that I found on


i love svet said...

i love these...such a great idea.

Kari said...
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Kari said...

Check this website out, it gives you an idea of things...

Stephanie said...

We lit candles as a symbol of our commitment. Well, I have lots of rings from my mother so I didn't need a wedding ring!

Timi said...

i think all of them fit you.. it´s just a matter of deciding which one you want to wear all the time