Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to school, Part 1

I applied to San Francisco State for my master's program. It is a pretty good school,and affordable, so I decided to go that way. My Berkeley goals will have to wait (PHD, full time!)
I was a little worried I wouldn't get in, due the the California budget problems. They have been cutting out a bunch of classes and programs, but thankfully, I got in. I'm thinking my program isn't very popular: "Equity and Social Justice in Education". I think it will be fun, and also very useful in the Bay area.
Today I registered for my first two classes...! I am a bit scared, but I guess I will have to bite the bullet. Thankfully, I have a wonderful proofreader living with me. He can help me turn my hispanic sounding, half translated essays to actual coherent lines of thought!
And...I have the coolest has kitty cats on it! Bring it on!


Jaimi said...

awh this is soooo sweet!! post what the card looks like. me want to see. I didnt know you had a blog. nice girl of all trade!

Eugenia said...

Good luck!!! I know you'll do just great!! SFS.....beware!! =)