Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So many things to do!

It has been a long time since Ive written...it has been a busy month. I have not only traveled, but turned in a crazy amount of papers, fund raising in school, and so on. Nevertheless, I now have time to start focusing on the wedding again. Here is part of my to-do list:

- Get invites mailed-thus getting RSVPs
- Add information about hotels on our website
- Start making my wedding dress (mother in law to be will be helping!! Yay!)
- Buy-find more mason jars
- Buy-find table cloths
- Make practice centerpieces (still deciding on which one I want-twigs or flowers)
- Find more plates (we have around 40 so far...about 20 more to go!)
- Make napkins with all my fabric
- Decide on ceremony spot decoration: twig circle and flowers, paper cranes, or pom poms
- Wedding ring for Andrew (I am blessed to get his grandmothers ring, a beautiful, vintage, gold ring)
- Find shoes! (fun!)
- Practice recipes for cupcakes (so far I have decided on lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting)

For silverware we have settled for plastic. Hopefully I will be able to wash them and reuse them in school or for next parties. We will also have some paper napkins for cupcake holding.

More things to do:
- Ask friends to lend us blankets (seating for the ceremony and laying in the sun)
- Choose games to take
- Bubbles and pinata!
- Start stocking up on wine and beer
- Ask for lemon contributions (so many lemon trees!)
- Make head piece
- decide on whether we will have a photobooth (how can we make it work???)
- Start sorting through pictures for our picture display
- Music playlist
- Most important of all!!!! DECIDE ON OUR CEREMONY AND WRITE OUR VOWS!!!

Although the list is long, it feels good to write it down. Now we can start checking stuff off. (Dont you love to-do lists???)

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